Hearing Loop

About our Auditec Hearing Loop

If you have a hearing aid with a T-switch, turn the T-switch on to hear the movie.

Manufactured in Australia by Auditec Australia, the hearing aid loop system enables an audio frequency signal to be transmitted to a listener by means of a magnetic field. The elimination of a direct sound path helps to reduce the interfering effects of distance and background noise which are particular problems for hearing aid users.

The concept of magnetic induction is simple: a current flowing in a wire creates a magnetic field around the wire and the wire then acts like a transmitting 'aerial'. The magnetic field can be received by the small coil mounted in a hearing aid, or other suitable receiver.

The pickup coil in a hearing aid is usually selected by means of a switch marked 'M' for microphone and 'T' for coil. Sometimes a combined position allowing simultaneous use of microphone and coil is provided. For hearing aid purposes, only the field in the vertical direction is considered.

This conforms with the general mounting direction of coils in hearing aids; however, if a listener bends his or her head then a change in sound level may be noticed. Normally the listener should listen within the area of the loop.