Seating Plan & Photos

General Notes

Being an older venue there are some limitations which may need to be considered when choosing your seats. As such, the following notes will assist with ensuring your comfort and the comfort of others.

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Comfort for Taller People:

If you are reasonably tall, while you are welcome to sit anywhere in the auditorium, the following seats are recommended with no risk of restricting the view for other patrons:

  • E Row:
    This row is 2 steps down from F row. You can comfortably sit in any seat in E row without restricting the view of the person seated behind you.
  • M Row:
    Seats 1 to 8 are located in the back corner of the cinema and have generous leg room.
    Seats M7 and M8 have no seats in front.
  • L Row:
    Seats 1 to 8 (although not as much leg room) has a wall directly behind.
  • Aisle Seats:
    G14, H1, J13, A1, B1, C1, A15, B15, C15

Leg Room:

  • Best Leg Room
    A row, F row and M row have the best leg room.
    Rows B and C are on the flat and you can stretch your legs under row in front
  • Least Leg Room

    G Row:
    Although extremely popular, G row is NOT RECOMMENDED as this row has the least leg room in the cinema due to the aisle wall in front. Unlike most other rows, G row can also have obstructed views when tall people sit in the row in front, i.e. F Row. This is an unfortunate limitation of the building design. Also on rare occasions, seats G13 and G14 may be fully obstructed by patrons in extra high motorised wheelchairs in the row in front. If this occurs and cinema staff are unable to relocate the wheelchair to the opposite end of F row, which does not obtrsuct seats in G row, you may need to relocate to alternative seats. 

    L Row:
    Like G row, L row also has less leg room than all other rows in the cinema, however the angle of the seat in front provides more leg room than seats in G row.

Drink Holders:

  • Seats With Drink Holders:
    Arm rests have drink holders in rows A, B, C, D, E, F, H, J, K and M
  • Seats Without Drink Holders:
    There are No Drink Holders in G row or L row.
    G row has a low aisle wall in front, (least leg room in cinema), however you can rest drink bottles and cups on the wall.

Drink holders are recommended for use of the CaptiView closed caption device.

Seating Plan:

Front Section

As Glenbrook Cinema is a smaller venue, sitting in the front section overcomes the limitations of our smaller screen. No matter what we say about how good the front section is, many patrons base their experiences of sitting close to the screen in OTHER CINEMAS, especially those major cinemas where you must always look up to see the super large very high screen, plus in some cinemas you also have to constantly look left and right to see the whole picture. This is not the case at Glenbrook.

Some patrons prefer the front three rows at Glenbrook for a more immersive big screen cinema experience.

  • There are steps down to access front section rows A, B, C, D and E
  • Front rows A, B, and C are all on the flat.
  • Rows A, B, and C  are the only rows that have fixed seats which do not tip-up.
  • Rows D, E and F are tip-up seats. (New seats installed 21 July 2022).

Wheelchair and Companion Seats

  • The venue is wheelchair accessible and there are ramps from the foyer to wheelchair spaces. Wheelchair spaces W1 and W2 are located at each end of F Row.
  • Special Note: High wheelchairs and High seat walkers:
    If you have an extra tall wheelchair or plan to sit on a walker with a seat that sits higher than a standard cinema seat, the first wheelchair space as you enter the cinema located next to seat F1 is recommended. This space will not obstruct the view of any patrons seated in G Row. If you choose the wheelchair space adjacent to seat F10 for a high wheelchair, it would be greatly appreciated if you could please advise cinema staff in advance so that we can block out seats G13 and G14 in the row behind.
  • Seats F1and F10 are reserved as companion seats for wheelchair patrons.
    'Non-companion' patrons who have selected the clearly identified F1 or F10 companion seats online and do not require these seats for accessible reasons will be required to move if needed. If within 10 minutes prior to the session start time seats F1 and F10 have not been pre-booked or sold to companions of wheelchair patrons, or patrons with accessibility needs, these seats may be sold to non-companion patrons when the venue is nearing full capacity. 

Back Section (Further from screen):

  • There are steps up to access rows G, H, J, K, L and M.
  • All seats in the rear section are tip-up seats.
  • New seats were installed in M Row 21 July 2022 - same style seats as H, J & K rows.
  • Row G is not recommended as this has the least leg room in the cinema due to aisle barrier wall, however this wall is good for placing drinks and coffee cups.
  • Row L has slightly less leg room (in seats 1-8 with wall behind), although more room than G row, and does not have drink cup holders.
  • M Row has the most leg room and is great for taller people who prefer to avoid any potential of obstructing the view for other patrons.
  • There is no i row.

Staggered Rows

Rows are staggered for easy sight lines to the screen.


Offering sound descriptions and dialogue text for the hearing impaired, the CaptiView device fits in drink cup-holders. (Note: There are no cup-holders in G Row or L row). There are 2 CaptiView devices available. It is recommended you book these in advance by phoning the cinema.

Booster Seats & Cushions:

Glenbrook Cinema has a limited number of red booster seats for small children. In addition, comfy charcoal coloured cushions are available and provide that extra boost for all ages. You are also more than welcome to bring your own cushion or booster seat.

Extra Large:

If you are concerned about fitting into regular cinema seats you are more than welcome to arrange a time to discretely try out our seats when no other patrons are in the auditorium.

Live Play - Glenbrook Players

For Glenbrook Players live plays, M row seats 1 to 8 and L row seats 9 to 14 are not available as this is where the sound and lighting desk is located for shows.


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New Seating Plan 2022

In 2016 Glenbroook Cinema commenced replacing many of the 25+ year-old cinema seats in selected rows. On Wednesday 20 July 2022 Glenbrook Cinema replaced the last remaining old cinema seats as follows:

* D Row - Replacing 16 old seats with 15 new seats
* E Row - Replacing 16 old seats with 15 new seats
* F Row -   Replacing 11 old seats with 10 new seats
* M Row - Replacing 8 old seats with 8 new seats

The configuration of F Row changed.

Instead of entering in the middle of F row, the 10 new seats are centred in the row and patrons will be able to enter from either end of the row. F Row seats are now set further back from the safety rail to allow more room to move in and out of the row. The two wheelchair spaces are at each end. Being off to the sides, patrons seated in high wheelchairs and walker seats will no longer be blocking the direct line of sight to the screen for patrons seated in G Row (the row behind).

The new seats are slightly wider than the old seats, hence the reduction of the number of seats in each row. The new seats are the same style seats as the seats currently located in H, J and K rows which have been progressively installed over the past 5 years ago.