Seating Plan & Photos

Also see photos below seating plan.

Glenbrook Cinema seating

Rows are staggered for easy sight lines to the screen.

CaptiView fits best in cup-holders in rows A, B, C & H, J and K.

For Glenbrook Players live plays M ROW and L ROW 9-14 not available (Sound Desk location).

FRONT SECTION (Closer to screen):

  • Ramp from foyer to wheelchair spaces W1 and W2 in F Row.
  • Steps down to Front Rows A, B, C, D, E
  • Front rows A, B, and C are all on the flat.
  • Rows A, B and C have the most leg room (can stretch under row in front).
  • Rows A, B, C are the newest seats which do not tip-up.
  • Rows D, E and F are slightly narrower old style seats.
  • Row F has no steps to access (wheelchair access).
  • Seats F6 and F12 are reserved as companion seats for wheelchair patrons.
    'Non-companion' patrons will be required to move if needed.
  • Alternate disabled access is still available through the original side disabled entry if preferred. 

BACK SECTION (Further from screen):

  • Steps up to Back Rows G, H, J, K, L M
  • Rows G, H, J, K and L are tip-up seats (not ideal for small lighter children).
  • Rows G (has less leg room with aisle barrier wall - but good for coffee cups)
  • Rows G & L do not have drink cup holders.
  • Row M has slightly narrower old style seats.
  • Seats M7 and M8 in back corner have the best leg room.
  • There is no i row.

View from screen:

Seating plan photograph


View of front 3 rows from behind:

Seats Front Section


Wheelchair access looking toward entry / exit:


Back section / rear half of cinema:

Seats Rear of Cinema


View from back corner taken standing next to seat M8:


View from centre J Row to screen:


Back corner of cinema M Row:

(M ROW available for movies only - Not available for Glenbrook Players live plays)


Auditiorium Entry (photo left)

Rows K and L (photo right)