Kombi Man

Screening 12 & 13 Dec

Running Time: 87 minutes
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In a race against time, a man goes on a fun filled adventure to find a Kombi van, revisit his hippie youth and explore the meaning of life. Meeting a colourful array of characters in the Australian Kombi world, he discovers that Kombis are not only cultural icons of freedom but are now also big business. While attempting to get a clapped-out Kombi on the road, he courageously faces his own mortality and embarks on a spiritual journey reminiscent of the 1960s counterculture.

With the help of friends and family and empowered by a sense of urgency and the preciousness of life, he dreams of one last road trip along the spectacular Great Ocean Road.



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Tuesday 12 December
Kombi Man
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Kombi Man (E) Finishes  9:12pm  
Over One Week Away
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Wednesday 13 December
Kombi Man
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Kombi Man (E) Finishes  6:47pm