Online Booking

If you get a lot of email, sometimes finding the right email when entering the cinema can take time. Some customers take a screen shot on their phone of the Barcode received in their Email which is easier to find later.

Multiple Sessions:

** If booking for multiple sessions, please purchase each session separately to receive separate barcodes. Combining purchases in one transaction results in one email and one barcode which requires tickets to be printed at the box office.


"Session Day Date Time Movie"

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When successful :

  • Your Booking Reference Number will be displayed on the confirmation screen.

  • Your ticket will be sent via Email.
  • Your email should include a Barcode which can be scanned at the door.
  • Simply present your Barcode Ticket at the door for entry. You do not need to line up at the box office.





Errors or Problems Making a Booking?

If you experience a problem or your order is wrong, Wait 10 minutes for your pending order to time-out and release the seats you have selected. Once your pending booking is cleared from the system you can start the process again.
Please note that only Visa and Mastercard payments are supported.  Other cards cannot be processed, and will result in payment failure.

No Email?

It may be that you accidentally mistyped your email address.
This happens.

Simply phone the cinema and we can confirm your booking over the phone. 

No Barcode?

If your email has a Booking Reference Number but does not include a barcode (because images may not be loaded), please have your booking reference number ready to read out upon entry to the cinema.

Made a mistake?

Please check that you have chosen the correct session and number of seats.

Call us if you have a problem.


"Session Day Date Time Movie"

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Contact Glenbrook Cinema Reservations

To make a booking over the phone, or assistance with online bookings:

Phone: (02) 4739 0003