Online Bookings

Glenbrook Cinema has a new online booking service.

You can now choose your own seats and pay online.

Online Tickets = $11.50 + $1.00 booking fee.

Purchasing online means you can Avoid Queues at the Ticket Window.

You can simply present your printed ticket with barcode directly at the door.

Or present your ticket on your phone with your barcode zoomed in for easy scanning.

Your tickets are secured and not subject to automatic cancellation.

How to Book Online:

Go to the Sessions page and click "Book Now" to book online.

When successful you will receive:

  • Your Booking Reference Number - displayed on the confirmation screen.

  • Your ticket will be sent via Email.
  • Your email should include a Barcode which can be scanned at the door.
  • Simply present your Barcode Ticket at the door for entry. You do not need to line up at the Ticket Window.



Online Tickets are non-refundable.

Swapping your online tickets to a different movie or different session time may be possible, subject to availability, by phoning the cinema at least 2 hours before the session start time.

It is not possible to make changes to online tickets at the Ticket Window.

Double Features?

Unfortunately Double Features can not be purchased via our online booking system.

Bookings for double features can only be made by phone or at the cinema.

Gift Tickets

Unfortunately Gift Ticket bookings can not be made via our online booking system.

You can however make a reservation with your Gift Ticket over the phone.

Before you make a phone booking, please ensure you advise the cinema you wish to use a Gift Ticket.

If you advise you have a gift ticket after you have made the reservation, our staff will have to cancel the booking and start the booking process again.

Errors or Problems Making an Online Booking?

If you experience a problem with your online booking, or your order is wrong, wait 10 minutes for your pending order to time-out. After this time, the system will release the seats you have selected. Once your pending booking is cleared from the system you can start the process again.
Please note that only Visa and Mastercard payments are supported.  Other cards cannot be processed, and will result in payment failure.

Ticket Not Received via Email?

It may be that you accidentally mistyped your email address. This happens.

Simply phone the cinema and we can confirm your booking over the phone. 

No Barcode in your Email?

You will need to allow images to show in your email to be able to see the barcode.

If your email has a Booking Reference Number but does not include a barcode (because images may not be loaded), please line-up and present your ticket at either the Ticket Window or Candy Bar and regular printed tickets can be issued for entry.

Made a mistake?

Please check that you have chosen the correct session and number of seats.

Call us if you have a problem - changes are not available at the ticket window.

Need Further Help

To make a booking over the phone, or for assistance with online bookings:

Phone: (02) 4739 0003

Not Available Online:

Bookings for the following can be made over the phone or in person at the cinema:

  • Redeeming Gift Tickets
  • Double Feature = $20.00 ($10.00 per movie)
    - Two consecutive sessions

Phone bookings can be made by calling the box office.

Phone: (02) 4739 0003

Box Office Tickets = $12.50

When phoning the cinema to make a booking, please check session times and avoid calling the cinema around session start times as our staff will be busy serving customers. Thank you. 

Phone Reservations should be collected no later than 15 minutes before the session start time.